Tristar Alphas' "Taken Over"

Tristar Alphas’ “Taken Over”

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Alphas-“Taken Over”

In the heart of Nigeria’s Kogi East resides a rising gospel sensation known as Alpha Okeme, celebrated as Tristar Alphas among music enthusiasts. His latest musical gem, “Taken Over,” serves as a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary gospel tunes, delivering a compelling narrative about the boundless mercies of God.

Tristar Alphas’ musical journey reflects the richness of his cultural heritage, infusing each melody with a depth that resonates profoundly with his audience. “Taken Over” stands as a testament to his musical prowess, adorned with captivating rhythms and poignant lyrics that beckon one to embrace a higher power while navigating life’s intricate paths.

Tristar Alphas' "Taken Over"
Tristar Alphas’ “Taken Over”

Amidst his collection of hits such as “Favour,” “Overflow,” “Ojofuche,” and “Navidad,” Tristar Alphas showcases not only his versatile musical range but also his unwavering dedication to spreading positivity through every note. His remarkable gift lies not solely in his talent but also in his innate ability to forge deep connections with his audience, channeling messages of faith, grace, and resilience through his soul-stirring compositions.

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