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There are various ways to earn money with ease online through the use of the internet that we use for watching videos, entering TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others. Indeed, one can earn money online; however, it is important to note that if a person is not cautious, there is a risk of falling victim to scams. Registration, Withdrawal, Legit or scam Registration, Withdrawal, Legit or scam

AFRIKPREMIER Technology has carved a distinct niche for itself as a distinguished platform, providing a range of unique features and services. With a focus on offering not only financial rewards but also opportunities for skill development and knowledge acquisition, AFRIKPREMIER stands as a versatile platform catering to a diverse audience.

AFRIKPREMIER is the latest and legit platform launching on the 19th of January.
Note: This is a VIP project, it is nothing like any platform you have seen before.
I have made my findings and I’m confident to announce to you guys that AFRIKPREMIER is here to stay and will pay non-referrals for a long time.
The CEO of this great platform has also run some other platforms which were all successful.
He’s the same CEO of HBOSS which paid non-referrals for 6 good months, he also run VIVINCOME which paid non-referrals in cash, airtime and data for 4 months and he is also the owner of SPARKTEL that also paid non-referrals for 4 months in cash, airtime and data.

AFRIKPREMIER Earning Structure: Your Path to Daily Income

Daily Tasks – ₦800 Daily

Affiliate Bonus – ₦4000 per Referral

Indirect Referral Bonuses

Daily Login – ₦200

AFRIK Post and Advert Post – ₦300 Each

Welcome Bonus – ₦3000Registering with AFRIKPREMIER: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unlock Earning Potential


Step 1: Access the Registration Page :

Step 2: Fill in Your Details

Step 4: Enter the Coupon Code

Step 5: Complete the Registration

Step 6: Welcome Bonus

AFRIKPREMIER Discounted Registration 

Discounted Registration Fee: ₦4000 (Instead of ₦5000)

How to Avail the Discount

Benefits of the Discount Registration

Act Now – Limited Slots Available!


1. Daily Tasks – ₦800 Daily:

Engage in straightforward tasks and watch your earnings grow. AFRIKPREMIER allows users to earn a solid ₦800 every day by completing simple activities. Over a month, this accumulates to an impressive ₦24,000, providing a steady income stream without the need for referrals.

2. Affiliate Bonus – ₦4000 per Referral:

While referrals are not obligatory, AFRIKPREMIER introduces a lucrative Affiliate Bonus system. For every person you successfully refer to the platform, you earn a substantial ₦4000. This opens up the possibility of significant additional income for those keen on sharing the AFRIKPREMIER experience.

3. Indirect Referral Bonuses:

  • Indirect Referral Bonus – ₦300:
    • Earn ₦300 for each indirect referral made by your downlines. This creates a network effect, rewarding you for the efforts of those you’ve referred.
  • 2nd Indirect Referral Bonus – ₦100:
    • Enjoy an additional ₦100 for every referral made by the downlines of your indirect referrals. This multi-level bonus system enhances your earning potential.

4. Daily Login – ₦200:

Simply logging in daily to AFRIKPREMIER rewards you with a bonus of ₦200. This serves as a consistent daily incentive, contributing to your overall earnings.

5. AFRIK Post and Advert Post – ₦300 Each:

Participate in AFRIKPREMIER’s activities by posting and engaging with content. Receive ₦300 for both AFRIK Posts and Advert Posts, enhancing your earnings through various channels.

6. Welcome Bonus – ₦3000:

Upon registration, AFRIKPREMIER welcomes you with a generous ₦3000 bonus. This initial boost kickstarts your earning journey on the platform.


Are you ready to embark on a journey of learning and earning with AFRIKPREMIER? Follow this step-by-step guide to seamlessly register on the platform and unlock a world of daily income opportunities.

Step 1: Access the Registration Page:

Visit the official AFRIKPREMIER registration page by clicking on the provided link or entering the URL in your browser. Ensure that you are using a secure and reliable internet connection.

Step 2: Fill in Your Details:

Once on the registration page, you’ll be prompted to provide essential information. Complete the registration form by entering:

  • Username: Choose a unique and easily remembered username.
  • Email: Provide a valid email address for communication and updates.
  • Full Name: Enter your complete name as it appears on official documents.
  • Phone Number: A contact number for seamless communication.
  • Password: Secure your account with a strong and memorable password.

After registration, take the time to explore AFRIKPREMIER’s features. Familiarize yourself with the dashboard, where you’ll find daily tasks, earning opportunities, and additional features like product marketing.

AFRIKPREMIER goes beyond a conventional earning platform, offering a diverse range of special features that set it apart. Discover how these unique elements enhance your journey towards financial empowerment:

1. AFRIK Games:

Engage in fun and exciting games on AFRIKPREMIER, turning your leisure time into rewarding moments. Experience the thrill of gaming while earning!

2. AFRIK Surprise Box:

Unbox surprises and enjoy unexpected rewards with AFRIKPREMIER’s Surprise Box feature. Each surprise brings new opportunities for additional earnings and benefits.

3. AFRIK Digital Course:

Invest in your knowledge and skills with AFRIKPREMIER’s Digital Course feature. Access educational content that empowers you to grow personally and professionally.

4. AFRIK Weekend Jolly:

Celebrate weekends in style with AFRIKPREMIER’s Weekend Jolly feature. Enjoy exclusive bonuses and activities designed to make your weekends even more rewarding.

5. AFRIK Loan:

Need financial assistance? AFRIKPREMIER introduces an innovative Loan feature, providing a convenient way to access funds when you need them.

6. Top Referral Incentive:

Take advantage of AFRIKPREMIER’s Top Referral Incentive, rewarding users who excel in referring others. Elevate your earning potential and climb to the top!

7. USDT Mode of Withdrawal:

Experience flexibility in withdrawals with AFRIKPREMIER’s USDT mode. Convert your earnings to USDT for seamless transactions and wider financial options.

8. Marketplace:

Explore the AFRIKPREMIER Marketplace and showcase your products as a registered member. Unlock new avenues for sales and visibility.

9. Peer-to-Peer:

Connect with other users through AFRIKPREMIER’s Peer-to-Peer feature. Foster a community spirit and share insights on maximizing earnings.

10. AFRIK VTU Page:

Top up your mobile airtime and data effortlessly with AFRIKPREMIER’s VTU Page. Enjoy the convenience of staying connected at your fingertips.


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11. Social Media Contact Gain:

Boost your social media presence and connections with AFRIKPREMIER’s Contact Gain feature. Expand your network while earning rewards.

12. Guarantee Activity Cashout:

Rest easy with AFRIKPREMIER’s Guarantee Activity Cashout. Know that your efforts will be duly rewarded, providing a sense of security in your earning journey.

13. AFRIK Voucher:

Unlock exclusive discounts and benefits with AFRIKPREMIER’s Voucher feature. Enjoy special offers that enhance your overall experience.

14. Pin and Win:

Participate in AFRIKPREMIER’s Pin and Win contests. Test your luck and stand a chance to win exciting prizes and bonuses.

AFRIKPREMIER is not just a platform; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed to cater to your diverse needs and aspirations. Explore these features and elevate your online earning experience today.

Step 4: Enter the Coupon Code:

If you have a coupon code, enter it in the designated field during the registration process. Coupon codes may provide special benefits or discounts, enhancing your overall experience.

Step 5: Complete the Registration:

Double-check all the information you’ve provided to ensure accuracy. Once satisfied, proceed to submit your registration. You may be prompted to verify your email address at this stage.

Step 6: Welcome Bonus:

Upon successful registration, AFRIKPREMIER welcomes you with a ₦3000 bonus, instantly boosting your earning potential.

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Discounted Registration Fee: ₦4000 (Instead of ₦5000)

How to Avail the Discount:

  • Swift Action: This offer is time-sensitive, so be among the first 50 users to register promptly.
  • Use the Designated Link: To secure the discounted registration fee, use the specific link provided for this promotion during the registration process.
  • One-Time Payment: Complete the registration by making a one-time payment of ₦4000, taking advantage of the reduced fee.

Benefits of the Discount Registration:

  • Cost-Effective Entry: Join AFRIKPREMIER without breaking the bank. The discounted fee makes entry more accessible, allowing you to explore the platform’s earning opportunities without a hefty initial investment.
  • Instant Savings: Save ₦1000 instantly by availing of this special offer. The reduced registration fee ensures that you retain more of your funds for other priorities.
  • Full Access: Despite the discounted fee, you enjoy full access to AFRIKPREMIER’s features, daily tasks, and earning potential. This offer does not compromise the benefits available to users.

Steps to Register with the Discount:

  1. Click on the Provided Link: Access the registration page through the designated link provided for the discount promotion.
  2. Complete Registration Form: Fill in the required details, including your username, email, full name, phone number, and password.
  3. Enter Coupon Code (if applicable): If you have a coupon code, enter it during the registration process to unlock additional benefits.
  4. Select the Discounted Package: Choose the discounted registration package with the reduced fee of ₦4000.
  5. Complete Registration: Double-check your information, submit the registration, and become one of the first 50 users to secure this exclusive offer. Registration, Withdrawal, Legit or scam


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